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Instagram: content creator & manager

I’m currently creating and managing content for the Polly Rocket Instagram. Polly Rocket is a Malmö based brand creating lapel pins inspired by Swedish culture and traditions.

What I do while working with Polly Rocket:

  • Taking photos and editing
  • Composing the feed for every upcoming month
  • Writing captures for every post
  • Posting three times a week at pre-approved days and time.
  • Creating and posting a unique batch of hashtags tailored for every post
  • Interacting with customers in comments and private messages
  • Creating and posting Instagram stories, mostly with engaging polls (Polly Rocket fans likes them a lot 😉 )

The founder of this brand – Polly, also happens to be my friend. You know they say never work with your friends – well, this is just so not true. My collaboration with Polly is such a blast and Polly Rocket brings joy and a “hint of a lagom” to the people’s lives all over the world 🙂

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