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Instagram re-make

This summer I decided to help a MalmΓΆ based brand Casheury with their Instagram and marketing strategy. I saw their Instagram profile, visualized how I could improve it, got inspired, and just went for it!

Before I started, I boosted myself with some marketing and content creating best practices – made specifically for the food industry. Hours and hours of watching videos and reading articles – I felt ready and just couldn’t wait to start creating!

Here are the steps I took for that Instagram re-make:

  • Contacted the brand and set up a 1,5-hour consulting meeting
  • Defining different customer personas
  • Made improvements in bio, created important highlights
  • Set up, styled, and provided food photography sessions
  • Edited selected photos
  • Created unique Lightroom presets for Casheury’s Instagram feed to get that bold brand experience
  • Created a feed-preview with upcoming posts
  • Ran a giveaway-campaign
  • Created a consistent but varied feed
  • Managed the brand’s Instagram account for about two weeks (including copy editing, posting in feed and stories, engaging with the audience)

Just take a look at the Before and After feed – isn’t it satisfying?

Would you like to learn more about my Instagram re-make process? Simply keep reading πŸ™‚

Instagram bio & highlights

I made the bio more SEO & user friendly and created important highlights. Now existing and potential customers can easily find all the needed information about the brand!

Before and After:

Mobile food photography tips & tricks

Mobile photography takes more and more place in social media content creating – nowadays everything is on the go! I used my iPhone 11 to shoot all photos for the collaboration and here are my favorite takeaways:

  • Think about the light: it should be coming from one direction (preferably from the right side)
  • Use baking paper or light kitchen towel as a light diffuser
  • Clean your lenses
  • Try to use Dramatic portrait mode, it can be beneficial for food photos too
  • Use some food ingredients as props: take your viewer on a culinary journey. My favorite props: herbs, dried spices, salt flakes, pepper in all colors
  • Use hands reaching out for your product to make the viewer want that goodness even more

I just love behind-the-scene photos! The final result is the main priority, but always remember to enjoy the process πŸ™‚

Click on the picture below and watch a short behind-the-scenes video I’ve made for the Instagram feed:

Photo Editing & Lightroom Presets

This Instagram re-make took:

  • Three photoshoots
  • Two different custom made Lightroom presets
  • Many erased salt & pepper flakes πŸ˜‰

Presets are great when you finally create those that truly matches the purpose, but I’ll always go back and give my photos some extra editing. Every salt flake should be in the right place if you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

Here are some Before and After results.

My main takeaways

During the whole process of this Instagram re-make, I’ve learned probably even more than I planned. And that is the beauty of it!

I definitely improved my food photography and Instagram marketing skills, but my main takeaway from this particular collaboration is to always have some kind of contract with all formal details covered (for any kinds of collaborations – paid or unpaid).

So here is my note to myself and to anyone out there going through the same situation. I’m sure – I’m not alone in this.

The contract or agreement should include:

  • The start and the end dates of the collaboration
  • Number of posts we’ve agreed on
  • Decent hours for communication
  • Approval on the final feed and sticking to the plan
  • Copywriting on photos
  • Agreement on my total control over the Instagram account during the collaboration for the best outcome possible

I’m happy with the results of that Instagram re-make and I’ve got excellent feedback on that project from the brand owners and my colleagues in the social media/content creating industry. Last but not least – the brand gained more than 100 new Instagram followers in just two weeks period without using any paid advertising – only freshly renewed feed with a clear and attractive brand voice.

Update from November 15th – the brand is now started to post on Instagran using my photos again. Sometimes they remember to give me photo-credits, other times they forget. Not to mention their updated website with two of photos and no credits at all. Well, once again – I’ve learned my lesson and I have no regrets at all. Also I’ve already have my terms of collaboration ready for next project! πŸ˜‰

If your brand’s Instagram needs some boosting – feel free to contact me here or on my social media channels and we’ll make it work!

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