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Marketing Communications plan

For my new school project, at the Marketing Communications course, I decided to work with a Malmö-based start-up Lupinta.

Lupinta’s first product, lupin-based tempeh, represents a healthy, tasty and locally produced and sustainable alternative to meat and soy products.

Here is my assignment:

  • to create an annual digital marketing plan;
  • a working website with several pages and posts of content. For example, 2 blog pages;
  • search engine optimized content that is implemented along with a future strategy;
  • PR and crisis communication plan and implementation;
  • social media plan and implementation across various platforms (at least two social media platforms);
  • Facebook and Instagram ads plan and examples;
  • the presentation must include a pitch deck and a live demo of the site and social media accounts.

Reference from Lupinta's CEO taken from LinkedIn

Lupinta’s team and CEO Eslam liked my work that much that they are going to use some of my recommendations. That is also why they asked if I could share the shorter version of my Marketing strategy for Lupinta here on my portfolio page.

So here it is, a shorter version of my pitch deck. (the slides that are missing: SWAT analysis, wider Competitor analysis, Business model)

To see my pitch deck, click on the picture below:

Print screen of the fist slide of Lupinta's marketing communication plan by Anja Sergeeva

Lupinta at Malmöfestival 2019

Besides of a marketing communication plan, I also took a chance to get my experience in a festival area. I became a part of Lupinta’s Malmöfestival Team.

Lupinta’s very first time at Malmöfestival and it was a great success! Right after our first day, we’ve got listed by famous food critics from Bong as a “must try”.

As a result of it – long lines of new curious customers and good old devoted Lupinta’s fans. The food was both delicious and oh so Instagram-friendly!

To work together with Lupinta’s team as a part of it was funny, giving and, of course, very intense. All my favorite parts with other words. Also yummy – what a pleasure to be a true fan of the dishes you are selling!

It was a real multitasking experience – I was taking orders and payments, serving foods and drinks, cleaning, elevator cashpoint pitching with potential investors, educating people about plant-based eating and lupins in particular.

Here are some of my personal memories on my Instagram account @anjasergeeva

And hey, an extra brand awareness and a friendly promotion on social media never hurt anybody.

I wish all the best for Lupinta and I believe they’ll find the best and brightest investors because they so deserve it.

I was proud to be a part of Lupinta’s team even temporary, during working on my school project. My goal was to work with a product I truly believe in and contribute to it’s developing and growing. We do share the same values and I see the big future for Lupinta.

It’s bean a pleasure meeting you!