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Onboarding strategy & content

I have been working on the onboarding project together with my Visma-mentors Amanda and Victoria during my internship at Visma ( October- December 2019).

The goal was to create engaging content for Visma employees during their pre-boarding and onboarding in Visma. This content should support managers, teams, buddies and HR in creating a great and meaningful start for new employees joining Visma.

So here is my final presentation of a New designer at Visma – a new onboarding concept for Visma UX community.

New designer at Visma cover

My favorite part is that New designer at Visma is now up and running, helping new UX designers at Visma get an effective, smooth and delightful start! You can find it here.

If you’d like to know more about my Visma adventure, just keep reading.


When you only have 60 workdays in a company, you have to become a part of the team from Day One and be able to deliver your best results.

I was reading HR blogs, watching online courses to collect the best onboarding practices. Together with my mentor Amanda, we’ve went out to the fields and interviewed different people. Both intent and extern. People who are involved with onboarding processes or who are newly hired and still having that onboarding experience.

After my first two weeks, I’ve got the opportunity to join the annual event for all UX designers at Visma – “Visma UX days” at Visma’s office in Stockholm. Two days of networking and inspiration! Check out my post for Visma’s international blog.

Create and Evaluate

November was all about creating both strategy and content, testing and improving. Preference testing is a crucial part of content creating. Usability Hub is a great choice when you need some quick and honest feedback on any kind of content. After analyzing the results of my Tone and voice of copy preference testing I’ve made some improvements and slightly changed my writing strategy.

Here you can read my Day by day script for the onboarding chatbot Onboardy Onboardy – is a chatbot, part of New designer at Visma onboarding experience.

To sum up: I’m so grateful for my internship at Visma and so proud of the final result! This is not a goodbye, just an au revoir!

My Visma internship top 10 takeaways:

  • My Norwegian is not that bad
  • Three languages Internship (sometimes four)
  • How to interview people: the UX way
  • First experiences in Trello & Mural, Confluence
  • Storytelling is something I want to work with
  • How to write a blogpost for the Visma international blog
  • How to use Usability Hub for preference testing
  • Less is more
  • Create, test, improve, repeat
  • Start to prototype as early as possible

Happy holidays from Visma!