Video commercial campaign

How to create a video commercial from scratch.

Everything leads somewhere. Like, for example, talking to a nice woman at lunch can lead to an interesting collaboration where Raw Food House Malmö gets a professionally made video campaign for their catering option and we (me and my three classmates: Gina Mökerberg, Zoe Westrup and Ida Mao) get an unforgettable experience of making awesome things happen in just one week. Yes, now we know how to create a video commercial from scratch.

Here are the final results: two different commercials – one is for Facebook and the other for Instagram. (Pssst – watch my Raw Food House Behind the Scenes video if you don’t like to read stuff.)

00:59 seconds for Facebook
00:29 seconds for Instagram feed

Day 1: Pre-production

So, Raw Food House (RFH) wants us to make a video to promote their catering. Where do we start?

Our mood board for Raw Food House
  • Getting complete information about the result that RFH wants to achieve
  • Making a mood board
  • Pitching ideas
  • Writing a screenplay
  • Writing an equipment list
  • Writing a revisit list
  • Digital casting for extras (friends and family)
  • Constantly communicate with the client (RFH) and keep them updated

RFH liked our ideas and approved the screenplay, but when it was time to set the dates for filming we found out that there was no possibility to shoot the scene in their kitchen as previously agreed. Also, we had to re-schedule shooting the final scene with all the summer partying because of RFH working hours. It’s all about being flexible and creative even before the shooting process begins.

Our shooting list: The Kitchen scene, Interview with Linda Persson (the founder of RFH), The scene when the food appears on a table, The summer party in the garden scene.

Day 2 to 3: Production

Shooting day 1: The Kitchen Scene

We dove into the production almost directly – we had no time to waste. The first scene to shoot was The Kitchen scene and, as said before, we couldn’t film in RFH’s, they even suggested that we skip that part.

We took this challenge and made it work – we basically created our own outdoor kitchen at the local park. We also “planted” veggies in a small private garden that we found in a park – to give a feeling of locally produced food.

The result we got was so much better than our planned result – this is why you never should see challenges as problems – maybe the universe is trying to tell you something 😉

Shooting day 2: Interview with the founder of RFH, Linda Persson

Linda was adorable and answered passionately to all our prepared questions. She knows what she is talking about – a real role model for all raw-foodies.

The challenge with outdoor filming is, of course, the lighting. We all love sunny weather but it’s also something we don’t wish for while filming.

Shooting day 3: The Food appearing on the table scene

This scene is our intro animation scene. We tried about three different ways of shooting it until it looked exactly like we imagined. You can see this process in the Raw Food House Behind the Scenes video below.

photo of a filmimg camera on set
Future intro in the shooting

The summer party scene

Originally, we planned to shoot The Summer Party scene just outside the RFH cafe. It seemed logical to us – RFH equipped us with good looking Summer food and drinks, dishes etc. But when Zoe was testing the drone the same morning, she realized something we didn’t have in mind before – it’s much nicer to see the green grass under the table instead of grey city asphalt.

photo of a table with food from above
Testing the drone

As usual – a quick but important decision was made – we decided to physically move the whole party to the green grass area by the church nearby. That’s right – everything – food, drinks, tables, benches, decorations, the crew itself. Again – all efforts always give a payback. And yes – the grass IS greener on the other side 🙂

Look at our beautiful extras – so colorful dressed and happily smiling. Don’t trust those summer clothes though – it was +6 C outside that day. And windy. These people are the real heroes of the show.

The crew: me, Zoe, Ida, Gina + all the extras after the shooting

Day 4-6: Post-production

What does post-production mean?

  • Go through all the material and make a first edit – take the best shots and place them in the right order
  • Match the sound with video in the interview part
  • Second edit – match video with music and give the film a right pace
  • Subtitles and animations should be done as well
  • Color grading and final editing

We are not only happy with the final result but also with all the experience we got working on this project. Last but not least – Raw Food House is happy too!

Behind the Scenes

I think this short video I made speaks for itself. It really gives you a better perspective of what this whole making a video commercial from scratch can be like! Also, making a Behind the Scenes video is a good way to keep all the funny memories alive. As a note to yourself – always enjoy the process!

Welcome to see our little jorney!